Voluntariados in Camboya

While being the second largest Central American country, Nicaragua’s beauty is second to none! This dreamland has inspired poets and artists for centuries and captured the imagination of those who have had the fortune to have set foot on them.

Nicas (Nicaraguans) are joyful and artistic oriented people who feel very proud of their many cultural achievements and cultural traditions. After the end of their civil war in 1990 Nicaraguans have managed to build a stable and independent democracy that has allowed for foreign investments to flow in and boost the local economy, particularly in Tourism and Real Estate industries.

Like its neighbouring Central American countries, Nicaragua is blessed with most agreeable weather conditions, bewildering sights and natural landscapes which include rainforest, paradisiac tropical beaches, mountains that hide ancient aboriginal ruins, amazing volcanoes and valleys  irrigated by rivers that nourish an ever-blooming  flora of breathtaking beauty and a fauna of great diversity.

CW’s programs are placed in Granada and its surroundings. This is the first European city built in America and is being massively restored and revitalized. Located on the shore of the Nicaragua Lake, this beautiful colonial city is the perfect destination for volunteers who wish to improve their Spanish language skills and get to know Nicaraguan culture and customs at a deeper level

These are the programs that we offer in Nicaragua:

-Youth program.

-Daycare program.

-Women’s program.

-Physical therapy program.

-Conservation program.

What’s included in our fair-cost policy?


All our programs include a fixed price Registration Fee of US$249 and a Program Fee that varies according to the duration of the program and the services included.


The Registration Fee covers the costs of all that Connecting Worlds has to do in order to organise the experience in an efficient manner and offer each participant a quality program. These costs include marketing, staff salaries, travel costs of staff who visit and inspect each of the programs on offer and Connecting Worlds’ solidarity fund among others. We need this fee just to sustain the organization.


The Program Fee is the total cost of everything related to the services that the volunteer will be able to take advantage of upon arrival to the destination of their choice. For example, accommodation, meals, transfers, the donation made to the volunteer project, welcome orientation and constant 24/7 support. The payment for this fee goes directly to the country in which the volunteer will be stationed, directly benefiting the local community. It’s a fee which helps organisations that work in the country associated with the program at hand to move forwards with their projects and generate work opportunities for the local community.


Thanks to our fair-cost policy, the volunteer benefits from not having to pay high fees and our local partners benefit from being able to invest in their projects and keep things moving forwards. Connecting Worlds also benefits from keeping the costs of its programs as low as possible because we get the opportunity to support local communities and make a difference in our own small but important way.


Youth program

Although primary schooling is free and compulsory in this country, the local government initiatives to decrease the high level of school outfall have so far failed to achiebçve the desired results. Some of these initiatives involve providing schooled children with transportation, supplies and free meals, yet 700.000 children didn’t enrol at any school last year.

In order to address this serious cultural problem our organization provide a variety of in-school and afterschool programs in Granada that include educational, recreational and daily care activities.

According to your skills and preferences, you can volunteer for this program and help with English classes, arts, sports and dance activities, as well as lend a hand with meals and snacks preparation and children's entertainment and contention.

To participate in this programs volunteers need an intermediate level of Spanish language skills, be creative, flexible and proactive in order to overcome the lack of material resources.

Daycare program

This program aims to bring a safe, caring and stimulating environment to babies and little children under six years old. Volunteers to this program basically need to love little children and to enjoy spending time with them. As a volunteer you’ll be required to look after babies, engage little children in games and educational activities such as drawing, storytelling, singing and dancing. This program is essential to help develop these children self esteem and confidence, healthy social habits and learning potentials, which will make a difference in their adulthood opportunities.

Minimum duration for this program is two weeks and volunteers should have at least high-beginner Spanish language skills.


Women’s program

Girl’s Home: This program is aimed to offer a safe and loving environment and psychological contention to orphan girls (huérfanas) who have in many cases endured physical and psychological abuse.

Volunteers for this program assist nuns, nurses, psychologists, social workers and care-takers in their endeavours to help these extraordinary children overcome their traumas and develop a strong self-esteem and confidence so that they can aspire to a better future.

The program includes a variety of educational and recreational activities and therapeutic workshops; and volunteers’ expertise or experience in any of the areas involved are highly valued.

This program is open only for female volunteers and participants need to have high-intermediate level of Spanish language skills.

Minimum duration for this program is four weeks.



Physical therapy program

This program is open only to health professionals and students on their last year of school training and who have an intermediate to advanced level of Spanish language skills.

Volunteers will assist health professionals in a wide range of activities accordingly to their personal background. They will also participate in discussions aimed at sharing experience and knowledge with doctors and local staff at the Center for Physical Health.

As a volunteer for this program you may work in a Physical Therapy clinic providing direct care to injured patients of all ages, offer psychotherapy sessions to children at a special school or help with psychotherapy sessions at a nursing home,

If you have an appropriate background in occupational therapy, you may be required to do some research work and develop a proposal for occupational therapies at the health center.


Conservation program

This program is aimed to help develop and reinforce the local farmer cooperatives located on the slopes of Volcán Mombacho.

In a small scale ecotourism industry, local farmers (campesinos) offer accommodation,meals, tours and other such services that enable tourist to have a taste of the local rural lifestyle. Guided tours to corn, beans, coffee and watermelon plantations are offered by these farmer cooperatives, that also sell visitors handicrafts made by the local women of the area.

Volunteers to this program can help the farmer cooperatives with the creation of infrastructure for their ecotourism activities and also with strategic ideas to strengthen the agricultural production without while preserving the natural environment.

Volunteers who have a background or previous experience in agricultural commerce and trade are encouraged to join a cooperative where they can help promote fair trade in coffee or help develop income generating activities to sustain the farmer cooperatives.

Volunteers will define the scope of their work in a cooperative accordingly to their preferences and areas of interest, but they must also be willing to assist farmers with the tasks that are needed at the time.

To participate in this program volunteers need to have an intermediate level of Spanish language skills.




Duración del Voluntariado Precio en USD*
2 semanas 562
3 semanas 692
4 semanas 888
5 semanas 1012
6 semanas 1136
7 semanas 1260
8 semanas 1384


*TASA DE REGISTRO: Por favor nota que todos nuestros programas tienen una tasa de registro de USD 249, la cual se suma a la tasa de organización del programa. Este es nuestro ÚNICO ingreso y tiene una validez de 12 meses desde el comienzo del programa.  Todos los gastos correspondientes a transferencias online o bancarias no están incluidos y deben ser cubiertas por el participante. Puedes calcular el valor en tu moneda usando este conversor: currency convertor. Por favor lee nuestra política de devolución.

¿A dónde va tu dinero?


Tasa de registro:  El pago de esta tasa asegura tu lugar en el programa seleccionado e incluye nuestra asistencia antes, durante y después de tu viaje, el monitoreo y evaluación constante de las organizaciones con las que trabajamos, el pago de los salarios del staff de Voluntarios al Mundo,  nuestra guía informativa y costos de Marketing. Este es el ÚNICO ingreso que recibimos de la organización de tu programa y es lo que nos permite seguir trabajando para ofrecer programas únicos y accesibles.


Tasa de organización del programa: Incluye el alojamiento en una casa de familia y 2 comidas por día, el traslado desde el Aeropuerto, reunión de orientación, paquete de bienvenida, teléfono de emergencia 24/7 y costos administrativos locales.


Que no incluye? Los aéreos, comidas, seguro médico, visas y vacunas (si son requeridas), transporte dentro del país, excursiones y gastos personales. Nuestros participantes de Argentina usualmente encuentran suficiciente USD 90 por semana para sus gastos personales.


*En algunos programas puede variar la inclusión de comidas y el transporte, por eso por favor chequea la información específica de cada programa.