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Uno de los pilares de nuestro trabajo es la transparencia. Consideramos fundamental que sepas qué sucede con tu dinero cuando eliges participar en nuestros programas. A continuación,  te contamos el destino de tu aporte:


TASA DE REGISTRO: verás que todos los programas tienen una  tasa de registro de USD 279, válida por 12 meses desde el comienzo de tu programa. Muy bien; se trata del ÚNICO ingreso que recibe Voluntarios al Mundo por la organización del mismo. No existen costos ocultos, ni comisiones, ni ninguna clase de ayuda económica que percibamos de otras organizaciones; solo trabajamos duro para mantener nuestros costos al mínimo.

¡Te invitamos a comparar precios! Comprueba por ti mismo que nuestras tarifas no solo son competitivas sino, además, mucho más bajas que las de varias otras organizaciones que ofrecen programas similares.




La tasa de registro asegura tu lugar en el programa seleccionado e incluye: 

Asistencia antes, durante y después de tu viajeMonitoreo y evaluación constante de las organizaciones con las que trabajamosAcceso a nuestra guía informativaCostos de marketing


TASA DE ORGANIZACIÓN:  Es la suma que abonarás directamente a nuestro aliado local. La misma ya cuenta con un descuento especial e incluye los costos de alojamiento, comidas, orientación, transporte y pago del staff encargado de brindarte soporte en tu destino. Un porcentaje de esta tasa será destinado al desarrollo de nuevos programas. Si calculas cuánto podrías llegar a gastar en el caso de alojarte en un hotel y comer diariamente en un restaurante, notarás que su costo es mínimo.

Teniendo en cuenta el especial precio de los programas brindados por Voluntarios al Mundo, puedes tener la certeza de que tu pago se dirigirá directamente al proyecto local que has elegido.

Education Program

The main objective of this wonderful program is to teach in a primary school located on the outskirts of Kathmandu. This school is located close to Bhaktapur, one of Kathmandu's largest slum areas and it  gives more than 150 slum children the unique possibility of having access to free education, text books, uniforms and shoes.

As many volunteers as possible are needed to work together with local teachers (many of whom are also volunteers) to help in teaching highly important subjects such as English, mathematics, science, history, or geography. Volunteers in Nepal are not just expected to teach in formal contexts. They can also organize creative activities that involve art, dance, music, and even sports.

As the demand for education is so high in this area, classes are overpopulated and classrooms usually lack the necessary equipment and resources. This is why the input of international volunteers is highly important to keep the school functional. Volunteers spend most of their time assisting in the following areas:

-Following the Nepalese curriculum and helping the teacher with the scheduled activities

-Teaching elementary classes to children, including English language

-Playing with the children in English

-Helping the children to attain a good level of hygiene

-Assisting the children in completing their projects


This volunteering experience is not only great for children to benefit from it, but also for local teachers, as they can also improve their English language skills and future prospects through interaction with English native speakers. If volunteers arrive in Nepal during school holidays, or there are holidays with the period of their stay, there will be different activities arranged for them in the country. They will be able to organize activities outside school, learn the Nepali language, or visit the main landmarks and locations of this great historical place.


Teaching and Childcare in Orphanages

Nepal’s high levels of poverty and low standards of living many cases result in children being abandoned, many of whom are on the streets, but some are placed in orphanages. However, these places lack the most essential resources.

This program to teach and take care of children in orphanages takes place in Pokhara, the second largest city in Nepal, which is 200km away from Kathmandu. Volunteers are required to assist in many tasks, such as helping with the cooking and cleaning, to giving educational and recreational activities to children (teaching English or other subjects, playing games, developing arts and crafts, etc.).

*As this program involves working with orphaned and at risk-children very closely, volunteers are required to participate for at least three weeks in this project.


Teaching in Monasteries

These programs related to teaching in monasteries in Nepal take place in the outskirts of Kathmandu and in Pokhara (200km away from the capital). The students are Nepalese and Tibetan monks and nuns of all ages, many of whom are living as refugees in Nepal.

Volunteers help the monks with their desire to learn English, but it is also valuable that they can share their knowledge of first aid, environmental issues, health and hygiene, as well as political issues and human rights. Volunteers generally have the opportunity to teach a range of age groups, from children through to adults. They are not required to hold a university or teaching degree, but they should have a high school diploma. What really matters is that volunteers are proactive, interested and are willing to share their life with others. In turn, they will have a great chance to learn about Buddhism and how the monks live by it.



Healthcare and Medical Programs

As part of this program, volunteers in Nepal work closely with Nepalese doctors and nurses in public hospitals located in Kathmandu or Pokhara. They have to be either medical professionals or students with proven knowledge in the field of medicine and health. To be able to join this program, volunteers must supply their most recent CV.

The main activities carried out by volunteers involve raising people’s awareness in relation to sanitary and other health-related issues. They will also assist locals by giving them advice, delivering medicines, and checking on them.


School Renovation

This program takes place in a primary school on the outskirts of Kathmandu—a school created by our local partner. The main objective of this institution is to offer access to free education, books and clothing to more than 150 children. It is located near Bhaktapur, one of the largest slum areas in Kathmandu. The children who attend this school live in poverty and are very lucky to be able to receive education, as their parents would have not been able to afford it.

Unfortunately, the school is extremely ill-resourced and lacks space for its non-stop increasing number of students. Teaching materials are limited and all the money that is available is soon spent on the most basic needs. Keeping the general maintenance of the buildings and furniture is usually ignored, as there is not enough money to take care of that. This is why volunteers are needed here.

As part of this project as a volunteer you will be making a great donation, of not only money but also of your time to be able to fix a broken table, replace a door hinge, or paint a blackboard. It can be anything you think you can help with, and the local team will be very pleased to find some suitable task for you that will be safe, fun and helpful for the community!


Program Highlights:


-Spending time assisting children living in one of the poorest areas of Kathmandu

-Giving children some necessary tools to gain real job opportunities

-Meeting other volunteers from all around the world to share this experience with

-Support and advice from our team at the school at any moment

-Free weekends to travel and explore

-The thankfulness of the whole school authorities and community  

Join us and be part of this amazing program to get the chance to help many Nepalese children have a better future!


Program Fees:


Volunteer period (weeks) 1 2 3 4 6
Teaching and Assiting in Schools USD 195 USD 275 USD 350 USD 425 USD 575 
Teaching and Childcare in Orphanages USD 195 USD 275 USD 350 USD 425 USD 575
Teaching in Monasteries USD 265 USD 415 USD 540 USD 665 USD 915
Medical USD 270 USD 350 USD 425 USD 500 USD 650
School Renovation USD 245 USD 325 USD 400 USD 475  USD 625


*REGISTRATION FEE:  All Internship programs in Nepal attract a refundable* Registration Fee of USD 249 on top of the program Fee. A 5% international banking fee is added at point of payment. You can calculate the value of your currency in US dollar using this currency convertor.


*Please read our refund policy.

What do my fees pay for?


Registration Fee:  Support and guidance from CW staff, program marketing costs, pre-departure assistance, CW Solidarity Fund, administration costs, staff salary, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with participants.  We need this fee just to sustain the organization.


Program Fee:  Accommodation with a host family or at the volunteer house, 2 meals per day, airport pick-up, orientation, program supervision, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.


What’s no included: Air tickets,Vaccinations, Certificate of Good conduct, Visa, Local travels and Personal expenses, International Insurance against sickness, accident and 3er party liability. In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation. Our participants in Nepal generally find USD 40 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses.