• Ceri from UK
  • Magdalena from Poland
  • Julien from France
  • Bem from UK
  • Simone from South Africa
  • Hannak from UK
  • Jake from USA
  • Jessica from USA
  • Sarah from USA
  • Chris from USA

Alejandro García de Colombia-Programa en la Granja Orgánica en Bariloche, Argentina

''Un paraíso verde lleno de paz y tranquilidad, rodeado de hermosos paisajes y con muchas opciones para todo tipo de planes. La amabilidad y atención de los anfitriones y hasta de sus mascotas hacen que te sientas como en casa. Fueron dos semanas de disfrute, aprendizaje, naturaleza y paz. 

A Cris y Ale les estoy muy agradecido por dejarme hacer parte de este espacio que nos acerca a nuestra esencia, a lo que somos y a lo que algún día tendremos que volver, admiro y exalto su labor y espero que muchas mas personas apoyen y disfruten lo que han construido en todo este tiempo de dedicación.

En lo que les pueda ayudar desde Colombia, o si algún día pasan por acá por cualquier motivo, con mucho gusto estoy a su disposición.''


Sarah French de USA-Programa de Colombia

''Estoy muy agradecida con Connecting Worlds por estar siempre conmigo durante todo el año que estuve haciendo el programa en Colmbia. Cris y el equipo entero de CW realmente se preocupan por sus voluntarios y no te tratan tan solo como un número que aparece en un papel. Connecting Worlds y en especial Cristina me ayudó con todo lo necesario para vivir esta experiencia en Colombia. Considero a Cristina como una amiga, me ha ayudado mucho! Muchas gracias Connecting Worlds por hacer realidad mi sueño y vivir en Colombia!''


Jessica de USA - Práctica médica en Argentina

Hello future volunteers! If you are looking to gain more clinical experience while perfecting your Spanish, than this program is definitely for you! I am a pre-medical student at the University of Pittsburgh who decided to spend two weeks in Buenos Aires, Argentina volunteering at one of the largest Hospitals in Buenos Aires. That decision was one of the best I have ever made. I worked in the departments of pediatrics and gynecology for the majority of my time. I got to shadow a variety of physicians in clinical scenarios, interact with patients, attend medical lectures, tour the medical school, and so much more in my short time abroad.

One of the best parts of my experience was building connections with the medical personnel in Argentina. I truly grew close to the staff and felt very comfortable around them. All of the physicians were very receptive to my questions and were willing to teach me a variety of things. We had discussions ranging from the human anatomy to the Argentinian healthcare system. Conversing with them everyday really improved my Spanish, especially my medical terminology. By the end of my two weeks I was able to better assist physicians by providing medical tools, supplies, and anything else they required.

Working directly with the patients was an extremely enriching opportunity. I got to play with kids prior to their appointments with the physician, but more importantly I got to teach them to feel comfortable at the doctor's. Interacting with the kids one on one gave me the chance to teach them valuable lessons such as the importance of check-ups, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly. In the gynecology department, I was able to oversee consultations and various clinical procedures. I met a variety of patients, each with a different situation that exposed me to treatment plans and healthcare issues. Since I have already shadowed and worked in both departments in the United States, I was able to see many differences, but more interestingly I was able to see many similarities!

Beyond the medical aspect of this program, there are many other great opportunities that you should take advantage of. For one, I worked closely with the Spanish School near my hostel in order to perfect my Spanish and better get to know the natives. Additionally, I became close friends with fellow volunteers that I was able to share my experience with. These are friends that I am sure to have for a lifetime. Since I only volunteered mornings to mid afternoons I had the opportunity to go out at explore the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is truly "the Paris of South America." The food, people, culture, music, architecture, and overall liveliness of the city was energizing.

While I wish that I could have extended my stay, I know I will be back! I am forever grateful to Connecting Worlds for giving me this invaluable experience! I am happy to recommend this program! Best of luck,


Hannah de Reino Unido - Programa para enseñar ingles en Argentina

'After finishing University the thing I wanted to do most was travel and learn a second language. I came across Connecting Worlds which offered me the perfect internship, an affordable, well organised program abroad that allowed me to get the full cultural experience I was looking for. They even arranged an intensive course in Spanish for when I arrived! My first week was incredible, the perfect introduction to Argentina, I felt at home straight away thanks to Cristina and Connecting Worlds.

Living with a family was another aspect that really made my trip authentic! Connecting Worlds placed me with an amazing family, who have now become my second and I know I will return and visit. 

My experience in Argentina was incredible, my Spanish really improved, the sights were beautiful, the people are amazing and ate my weight in steak!''

Hannah from UK participated in our Teach program in Argentina



Chris de Estados Unidos - Programa para enseñar ingles

''Mi experiencia con Connecting Worlds Argentina fue una experiencia enriquecedora que contribuyó a mucho crecimiento en mi vida personal y profesional. Mi experiencia en San Javier fue exactamente la que yo necesitaba en este punto en mi vida, y ahora tengo un sentido de dirección en mi vida. Germán Junges fue un guía y mentor excelente, y él contribuyó inmensamente al éxito de mi experiencia. Él me proveía sugerencias y devoluciones para mejorar mi actuación como un profesor. Su academia de Ingles es lleno de estudiantes energéticas, respetuosos y que tienen un deseo a aprender. Sin duda, aprendí mucho gracias a mis varios alumnos. San Javier es una cuidad mi hermosa donde encontré gente amigable y acogedora, y sentía como un parte de su comunidad. Vos fue muy servicial con mis preguntas y dudas, y en total, soy absolutamente satisfecho con my experiencia con CW, y repetiría esta experiencia de nuevo, sin cambiar una cosa. ''

Chris. C. USA. He participated in the Teach program in San Javier, Entre Ríos.


Julien Leblay from France - Gap Year

''From september 2007 to march 2008 I made a bike trip from Lima (Peru) to Ushuaia (Argentina) in order to promote blood donation. I was in touch with María before starting this trip, and she made a huge job for me, specialy for the end of the trip. She organised everything from Mar del Plata and thanks to her we succeded to make a huge promotion on TV and radio (I was for 20 minutes on Fox Sport for exemple). That allowed me to promote my cause, to speak about the importance of blood donation in all the world.

Finaly, I met María in her place, in Mar del Plata. I discovered a very friendly girl, who does her best to make your travel the best as posible. She made everything she was able to do to make our stay in her city, and in her country, the best we could hope.

Knowing María is certainly one of the best thing of my six month's trip. As you can trust her as your best friend, it makes the trip safe and cool.

I hope you will enjoy Mar del Plata, which is a very pretty town south of Buenos Aires. And I hope too that you will be able to meet María, who is a really good person to know there, so Mar del Plata will appear as a very nice and uncommon place ! ''

Julien L,a traveler from Clermont Ferrand. France: http://www.voyage-grand-coeur.org/


Soukaina de Francia, Práctica Profesional en Buenos Aires

An international experience is very rewarding, as one discovers a new culture, another way of life, new habits. Every day is a discovery. We learn a lot about others, and in particular about ourselves. 

Connecting Worlds has been the way for me to achieve all this and reach Argentina, and without its help, I couldn't organize my exchange. In particular, Connecting Worlds is the best way to obtain a complete coordination with all included, good advices and good prices.Nowadays I am very happy to have chosen Connecting Worlds and very thankful!

Soukaina L. a student from Dauphine University, Paris.


Jake de Estados Unidos, Práctica Profesional en Buenos Aires

Hi Christina! 

I can't thank you and CW enough for the amazing situation you set me up with. My internship is very engaging and I am meeting and working with a very genuine and interesting group of co-workers at the office. Lilian has been an amazing host and has not hesitated with helping me figure out my direction around the city. Last weekend, I visited el Tigre with Irene, and it was an incredible experience. 

Thank you very much for connecting us because it has been very nice having a companion to travel with. For the remainder of my time here during my internship, I intend to stay in Buenos Aires. I would love it if you or Daniela would inform me if the school is having any other cultural activities that I could be a part of! I thought the 25 de Mayo was a very fun experience! 

Gracias por todo!

Jake, USA, Washington and Lee University