Programas Especiales in Guatemala

  • Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. -Author Unknown
  • Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. -William James
  • The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. -Oscar Wilde
  • Volunteers are love in motion!-Author Unknown
  • Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer.-Author Unknown

This country of big contrasts could perfectly be a fairy-tale land!

The highlands, inhabited mostly by the descendants of the original Mayas still treasure the ancient ruins of that enigmatic civilization. This family oriented aboriginal people, though sometimes timid, are very warm and friendly.

The exuberant rainforests, pinewoods, the rivers and lakes; are the home of a wide variety of wildlife species. The thirty-three volcanoes (of which three are active) scattered along the Andes mountain range of Central America add a gloomy and mysterious atmosphere to this enchanted lands.

On the coastal areas you will find many colonial cities and villages along with modern urban centers. The Pacific coast is also blessed with the beauty characteristic of the Caribe and marine and coastal flora and fauna ma leave you breathless with astonishment.

CW community programs offer our volunteers a unique opportunity to share the daily life of Guatemalans and to improve their Spanish language skills, while partaking in a variety of activities that better the living conditions of this hospitable people and help preserve their beautiful natural landscapes and wildlife.

Volunteer programs in Guatemala begin with an intensive Spanish course either in the colonial capital, Antigua or in a small town nearby.


CW Programs in Guatemala are:


-Child daycare program.

-Women empowerment programs.

-Teaching programs.

-Micro finances programs.

-Health programs.

-Preservation programs.

-Agriculture program.



Uno de los pilares de nuestro trabajo es la transparencia. Consideramos fundamental que sepas qué sucede con tu dinero cuando eliges participar en nuestros programas. A continuación,  te contamos el destino de tu aporte:


TASA DE REGISTRO: verás que todos los programas tienen una  tasa de registro de USD 249, válida por 12 meses desde el comienzo de tu programa. Muy bien; se trata del ÚNICO ingreso que recibe Voluntarios al Mundo por la organización del mismo. No existen costos ocultos, ni comisiones, ni ninguna clase de ayuda económica que percibamos de otras organizaciones; solo trabajamos duro para mantener nuestros costos al mínimo.

¡Te invitamos a comparar precios! Comprueba por ti mismo que nuestras tarifas no solo son competitivas sino, además, mucho más bajas que las de varias otras organizaciones que ofrecen programas similares.




La tasa de registro asegura tu lugar en el programa seleccionado e incluye: 

Asistencia antes, durante y después de tu viajeMonitoreo y evaluación constante de las organizaciones con las que trabajamosAcceso a nuestra guía informativaCostos de marketing


TASA DE ORGANIZACIÓN:  Es la suma que abonarás directamente a nuestro aliado local. La misma ya cuenta con un descuento especial e incluye los costos de alojamiento, comidas, orientación, transporte y pago del staff encargado de brindarte soporte en tu destino. Un porcentaje de esta tasa será destinado al desarrollo de nuevos programas. Si calculas cuánto podrías llegar a gastar en el caso de alojarte en un hotel y comer diariamente en un restaurante, notarás que su costo es mínimo.

Teniendo en cuenta el especial precio de los programas brindados por Voluntarios al Mundo, puedes tener la certeza de que tu pago se dirigirá directamente al proyecto local que has elegido.

Women empowerment programs

This program is placed in the highlands of Guatemala and it aims to reinforce women and children rights as well as provide underprivileged women with training tools to better domestic economy and social conditions for themselves and their families.

CW works in tight cooperation with government organizations that provide women  with the necessary instruction, support and advice to overcome difficult domestic circumstances and to undertake entrepreneurial activities to increase their income.

As a volunteer for this programs you can participate in different projects according to your background and expertise.

Projects in this program  include psychological and medical consultation, educational and training workshops, women’s rights discussion forums, domestic economy development projects, etc.

Local women find contention and support and acquire a variety of skills that empower them and instill them with self confidence to undertake small business activities such as cooking, clothes design, handicrafts and souvenir production, among many others.

To participate in this program you need to have intermediate Spanish language level and plan for a minimum stay of four weeks.



Microfinance internship: CW cooperates with a number of MFIs (Microfinance Institutions)that provide local small business and entrepreneurs with the necessary credits, trainings and business advice to either improve or start-up their economic endeavours.

Volunteers for this project that have any experience or skills in the area of accounting, finance, business administration, trade or marketing are very appreciated.

As a volunteer for this program you’ll be working with saving and credit cooperatives in Sololá and Quezaltenango, helping local entrepreneurs participating in educational programs and workshops designed to teach them techniques and strategies to identify, prioritize, program ,execute and evaluate business opportunities and expand, their activities to new potential markets.

Minimum duration for this internship is four weeks and a high-intermediate to advanced command of Spanish is required.


Agriculture program

Sustainable agriculture: Addressing the challenge of finding a reasonable balance between the needs of rural communities depending on farming activities and preserving the natural environment is at the core of CW’s sustainable agriculture programs. For this we collaborate with local groups that teach responsible practices and sustainability.

Depending on their background and skills, volunteers for this project can either help in large educational centers or work with small eco-communities.

We are aware that the well-being of rural communities lies on their agricultural activities and that they are as important as the preservation of the ecosystem. So while the educational programs focus on teaching local farmers the most appropriate techniques to produce and sell their agricultural goods in a profitable and sustainable way, they also have an emphasis on improving the personal lives of farmers and their communities.

Volunteers can help with educational programs providing basic hygiene, healthy habits and literacy skills.

For this program volunteers must have an intermediate level of Spanish language skills.

Teaching programs

Education program: This program takes place at primary and secondary schools located at the highlands of Guatemala.

Volunteers may either assist local teachers in the classroom or lead classes themselves, depending on their skills, self-confidence and fluency in Spanish.

The main subjects taught in this program are English and Computer skills, and sometimes volunteers are requested to train local teachers so that they can improve their own knowledge on these subjects, essential in today’s education.

This program also gives local children and teenagers a chance to interact with foreign people and have an approach to other cultures. And for volunteers they represent a unique opportunity to enhance these local kids future prospects by becoming their role models and mentors.

Program Fees:


Volunteer duration Program Fee USD*/Homestay with 2 meals
2 weeks 562
3 weeks 692
4 weeks 888
5 weeks 1012
6 weeks 1136
7 weeks 1260
8 weeks 1384
Wildlife/Construction/Extra p/week 55


Please note: All Volunteer programs in Guatemala attract a refundable*Registration Fee of USD 249 on top of the program Fee.  If you want another type of volunteer program without the accommodation and the meals included for example, please contact us directly. We will be happy to personalize your program.  You can calculate the value of your currency in US dollar using this currency convertor.


*Please read our refund policy.

What do my fees pay for?


Registration Fee:  Support and guidance from CW staff, program marketing costs, pre-departure assistance, CW Solidarity Fund, administration costs, staff salary, travel costs to inspect programs and communication costs with volunteers.


Program Fee:  Accommodation and 2 meals per day during volunteer program period, airport pick-up, orientation, transportation to language school and volunteer project site, program supervision, in-country 24/7 volunteer support and in-country administration costs.


What’s no included:  Air tickets,International Insurance against sickness, accident and 3er party liability. In addition to providing health insurance, the plan must cover medical evacuation and repatriation, Vaccinations, transfer back to the airport at conclusion of program, Certificate of Good conduct, Visa, Local travels and Personal expenses. Our participants in Guatemala generally find USD 70 to be sufficient for basic weekly expenses.