CW Solidarity Fund


As our motto goes, ''Changing the world always needs volunteers,” we believe that thanks to the work that we put in, albeit just a small dip in the ocean, we are truly able to help improve the lives of the people and communities in a number of places across Latin America.

It’s for this reason that a small percentage of the registration fee that our volunteers pay when they sign up to one of our programs goes straight to the CW Solidarity Fund. We use this fund to make donations once a year to a variety of sustainable projects here in Latin America - those which aim to improve social equality, work opportunities in local communities, and the way in which we care for our planet and the environment.


All of our volunteers, everyone who has participated in one of our programs in Latin America, can take part in some of these projects and help us to choose which projects are the most valuable for the local community.

Throughout the year, we use our website and our social media pages to publish news and updates about the different projects that help and support. Thanks so much for being there to help and support us too!