Conservación & Medio Ambiente in Mexico

The largest country of Central America, Mexico is almost a magical and mystical world where nature and civilization are intertwined and where the past and the present coexist in a timeless enchanting way.

The Andes mountains were once peopled by the Mayan and Aztec empires and ancient ruins of their magnificent cities can be found all over this country, coexisting with urban colonial and modern architecture which are gracefully combined  to create original, colourful and classy towns and villages.

Excellent weather, bewildering landscapes, exotic wildlife, delicious cuisine and warm and friendly people are just some of the many attractions that Mexico has to offer those tourists who choose this richly cultured and proud nation.

Merida is the capital city of the Yucatan peninsula region, located in the Mexican Gulf. It is a perfect example of the fascinating blend of nature and civilization and the old and the new.

Blessed with caribbean white sand beaches, ancient archaeological sites, beautiful colonial and modern buildings, a variety of restaurants, theaters and museums, it is also famous for its cathedral and Plaza Grande. Tourists who choose this amazing colonial city will find everything they can expect and much more.

CW works in tight cooperation with local organizations that are based in Merida and the Yucatan region and work in the areas of preservation and promotion of their natural landscapes and cultural inheritage. Projects based in this region include sea turtle protection, tourism, sustainable farming, education and marketing development among others.

What’s included in our fair-cost policy?


All our programs include a fixed price Registration Fee of US$249 and a Program Fee that varies according to the duration of the program and the services included.


The Registration Fee covers the costs of all that Connecting Worlds has to do in order to organise the experience in an efficient manner and offer each participant a quality program. These costs include marketing, staff salaries, travel costs of staff who visit and inspect each of the programs on offer and Connecting Worlds’ solidarity fund among others. We need this fee just to sustain the organization.


The Program Fee is the total cost of everything related to the services that the volunteer will be able to take advantage of upon arrival to the destination of their choice. For example, accommodation, meals, transfers, the donation made to the volunteer project, welcome orientation and constant 24/7 support. The payment for this fee goes directly to the country in which the volunteer will be stationed, directly benefiting the local community. It’s a fee which helps organisations that work in the country associated with the program at hand to move forwards with their projects and generate work opportunities for the local community.


Thanks to our fair-cost policy, the volunteer benefits from not having to pay high fees and our local partners benefit from being able to invest in their projects and keep things moving forwards. Connecting Worlds also benefits from keeping the costs of its programs as low as possible because we get the opportunity to support local communities and make a difference in our own small but important way.


Maya agriculture program

These projects are located in rural contemporary Mayan farming communities about two and a half hours’ bus ride from Merida.

The program is focused on promotingsustainable agriculture, reforestation and preservation of indigenous plants gardens.

The program is still at its initial stage and a lot of hard field work is required, so volunteers for this program must be ready to do a lot of physical labour, get dirty and live in tough and rather precarious conditions. But participating in these projects in a unique experience to get fully immersed in the local culture and have a taste of the local rural lifestyle.


For volunteers less adventurous and who wish a less demanding activity but still want to be part of the program, some English teaching and educational activities can be arranged in the local villages.

Among the numerous tasks involved in the program, you may be required to help with the following:

-Planting, sowing, harvesting, and cultivating agricultural products.

-Repairing facilities, creating irrigation systems and making compost, -Plastering rudimentary buildings and excavating cave systems.

-Cleaning and monitoring wildlife in reservoirs and lakes.

-Digging and replanting indigenous plant species.

-Labeling native plants and trees for educational purposes and maintaining indigenous plant gardens.

-Helping with daily household routines; among many others.

A combination of traditional Mayan and modern techniques is applied in these day-to-day tasks, mostly executed by local Mayan staff working side by side with our volunteers. Yet, if volunteers prefer to have further interaction with the local community, there are childcare and Teaching English projects available.



Duración del voluntariado
Precio en USD
1 semana 335
2 semanas 485
3 semanas 635
4 semanas 765
5 semanas 865
6 semanas 965


*TASA DE REGISTRO: Por favor nota que todos nuestros programas tienen una tasa de registro de USD 249, la cual se suma a la tasa de organización del programa. Este es nuestro ÚNICO ingreso y tiene una validez de 12 meses desde el comienzo del programa.  Todos los gastos correspondientes a transferencias online o bancarias no están incluidos y deben ser cubiertas por el voluntario. Puedes calcular el valor en tu moneda usando este conversor: currency convertor. Por favor lee nuestra política de devolución.



¿Que es lo que pagas?


Tasa de registro:  El pago de esta tasa asegura tu lugar en el programa seleccionado e incluye nuestra asistencia antes, durante y después de tu viaje, el monitoreo y evaluación constante de las organizaciones con las que trabajamos, el pago de los salarios del staff de Voluntarios al Mundo,  nuestra guía informativa y costos de Marketing. Este es el ÚNICO ingreso que recibimos de la organización de tu programa y es lo que nos permite seguir trabajando para ofrecer programas únicos y accesibles.


Tasa de organización del programa: Incluye el alojamiento en una casa de familia y 2 comidas por día, el traslado desde el Aeropuerto, reunión de orientación, paquete de bienvenida, teléfono de emergencia 24/7 y costos administrativos locales.


Que no incluye? Los aéreos, comidas, seguro médico, visas y vacunas (si son requeridas), transporte dentro del país, excursiones y gastos personales. Nuestros participantes de Mexico usualmente encuentran suficiciente USD 40 por semana para sus gastos personales.


*En algunos programas puede variar la inclusión de comidas y el transporte, por eso por favor chequea la información específica de cada programa.